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Ami Hinamori (日奈森 亜実)

Amu's innocent and pure-hearted three-year-old sister with the ability to see Guardian Characters despite the fact that she does not have one. In chapter 4 of the manga, Ami thinks that Amu's Guardian Characters are dolls, so Amu left her Guardian Characters with Ami so Amu could deliver sweets to Tadase, only to soon find out that she delivered the wrong one. In the Japanese version of the manga, Ami merely said shugoi, and the Guardian Characters thought she was mispronouncing "Shugo Chara". Unlike Amu, Ami is dressed in "Girly Lolita" clothing. She respects and looks up to both Utau and Amu. She loves to sing.

Voice Actors
Mamiya, Kurumi
Clerici, Serena
Chauvier, Delphine