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Jabberwock (ジャバウォック)

He is the Leader of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division as well as Behemoth's son.

His attitude is haughty and he immediately dismisses Oga as an unworthy opponent on first meeting him. Jabberwock then proceeds to have his pet dragon Sodom (described as a "Grand Bahamut") kidnap Hilda by swallowing her alive. He seems to respect Saotome and wishes to face him in battle, but is more reluctant than his father to be under the leadership of Lord En's, to whom he refers as a stupid kid. His recklessness has earned him the nickname "Crazy Dragon". His nasty temper got him expelled from the squad at a point, but he was readmitted by his father. He like Oga and Tojo, is battle crazy and finds battle to be very fun. With him happily looking forward to battling Oga, who he sees as a worthy opponent. He is not above complimenting his opponents during a battle.

Voice Actors
Yamaji, Kazuhiro
Iacono, Gianluca

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