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Jo Tetsuma (鉄馬丈)

Position: Wide Receiver
Jersey Number: 15
40-yard-dash: 5.0 seconds
Bench-press: 115 kg
2nd Year Student (Grade 11)

A fast and quiet guy, he has a habit of following orders to the letter, and that can lead to disaster. It is very important to give him specific instructions and to watch him carefully. Otherwise, he will follow any general directions to the extreme. For example, the coach once said to him, "Go run a bit!!" so he kept running for 3 days and 3 nights, until he collapsed from hunger. During another incident, Tetsuma was told to wake Kid in five hours while on a flight to the United States, yet ends up bursting out of the back window of a bus to go look for Kid five hours later after arriving in Houston! Whenever Kid calls a pass route, he dashes and uses it as followed, no questions asked. This makes him perfect for his position as a Wide Receiver, since the Kid doesn't even have to look for him in order to pass. In spite of his seemingly robotic demeanor, Tetsuma is a nice person, who has been friends with Kid since they were in middle school.

His name also means Iron Horse. In America they use this nickname for the steam-engine train in the old west. This gives meaning to the pass routes he is ordered to follow, which likens him to a train that cannot be altered from the track it runs. He will bowl over anyone who gets in the way on the tracks.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Takemoto, Eiji
Fonseca, Eduardo
Grativol, Marcelo
Portuguese (BR)