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Jeremy Watt (ジェレミー・ワット)

Position: Wide Receiver
Jersey Number: 81
40 yard dash: 4.8 seconds

Watt is the best Wide Receiver of the Nasa Aliens. He also serves as team's translator, though he's more of a pseudo-Japan scholar (meaning that he's more of an otaku than a Japan-ophile). As a result, he often gets translations wrong, and has some misconceptions concerning Japanese culture but is shown as well-meaning and would not take offense if corrected. Most of his knowledge and obsession with Japan is pinpointed to an encounter with Kakei Shun when he played for Phoenix Junior High (prior to his return to Kyoushin). He is able to calculate the landing point for Homer's Shuttle Pass with pinpoint accuracy like Mission Control.

Watt has been seen using computers and upon discovering a humorous though disrespectful web video of Coach Apollo. Watt is also skilled at video-games.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Sakurazuka, Yakkun
Pérez, Manuel
Alcântara, Pedro
Portuguese (BR)