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Doburoku Sakaki (酒奇 溝六)

Doburoku is the coach of Demon and loves drinking sake. He ran off to the United States later since he owed some loan sharks two million yen after gambling. He intended to look for talented people in America to play American football but got into Beach football. There, he trained the team Too Tattoos, and after undergoing his strict training regimens, they became better players. Now, since the Devil Bats have managed to pay his debts (via much gambling on Hiruma's part in Las Vegas), he has became Deimon Devil Bat's coach and personal trainer.

He and Ojo's trainer, Shoji, were teammates at Sengoku University's American football team, and were known as "The Twin Japanese Blades." During those days, he was a tight-end. Back then, the both of them participated in the Death March, with Shoji being on the offense line and Doburoku specializing in defense; however, all their other teammates gave up during the last 200 or so kilometers of the Death March, and Doburoku overexerted himself in pushing the truck, resulting in an unrecoverable injury on his right knee.

Most of the times, he is somewhat afraid of Hiruma, and sometimes looks to him for decisions, especially during the Death March. He does have a stubborn streak. When he went to look for Komusubi when he was missing, he thought he sounded so cool that he didn't give up looking for him, even when Komusubi had already been found.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Akaboshi, Shoichiro
Mercado, Arturo

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