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Yama no Susume
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Kokona Aoba (青羽 ここな)

Age: 13
Birthday: 11 August 1999
Blood type: O
Height: 144 cm
Weight: 38 kg

Aoi and Hinata meet Kokona at the slopes of Mt. Takao, where she headed in the hopes of seeing dwarf flying squirrels, but was foiled when one of her shoes' soles partially tore off. Aoi's first impression of her is that of a 'forest girl'. Both of her parents work, so she's good at housework in general. She likes cute things, especially animals and is particularly fond of horses. In addition to real horses she loves horse-themed mascots such as Muuma-kun (a mascot character from Hanno) and Gunma-chan. Although her physique is delicate, she has physical strength and is dexterous with her hands. She is also smart and knowledgeable for a junior high school student and sometimes shows off her trivia knowledge to the point of being admired by Aoi and the others. She has a habit of getting lost in daydreams from time to time. With her good cooking skills, she boasts the highest 'girl power' among the four.

(Source: AniDB, Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Ogura, Yui

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