Hiroshi "Hiro" Nakano

Hiroshi Nakano

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Gravitation: Lyrics of Love
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Hiroshi Nakano (中野浩司)

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 137

Hiroshi Nakano is the best friend of the lead singer of "Bad Luck," Shuichi Shindou. He is a very caring person and loyal friend. He cares deeply as a friend for Shuichi and only wants him to be happy. Shuichi has met a big novelist and writer Eri Yuki and loves him very much. Hiro doesn't want to see Shuichi hurt, so he helps and protects him from almost anything.

(Source: Absolute Anime)

Voice Actors
Matsumoto, Yasunori
Harrison, Daniel Kevin
Sablik, Nico

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