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Miyori no Mori
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Miyori no Mori
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Miyori Mashima (真縞 ミヨリ)

Miyori is an 11-year-old girl, who has a closed heart as she grows up under her parents' discord. Due to her mother leaving, she is forced to stay at her grandparents' house in a very rural village for a while. Though her father thinks it will be better for her to stay in the natural surrounding rather than her urban home, Miyori becomes even more obstinate, thinking that she has been abandoned.

One day, Miyori enters nearby woods and experiences mysterious phenomena by encountering the spirits of forest. The spirits tell her that she is chosen to become the guardian of village forest. Though unconfident in the beginning, Miyori gradually opens her mind and grows up to be a strong and responsible girl. She learns to get along with her schoolmates and the spirits to fight against people who plan to destroy the forest, constructing a dam.

(Source: AniDB)

Voice Actors
Aoi, Yuu
Paulita, Flora
Portuguese (BR)