Barone The Moonlight

Barone The Moonlight

Battle Spirits: Brave
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Barone The Moonlight (月光のバローネ)
Barone tends to be distant from others, often using the excuse that they wouldn't understand. He can be somewhat feminine, as he likes to comb his hair with Battle Spirits cards. In battle, however, he shows a much more savage side.

Barone was the mazoku in charge of Rome, and a powerful Brave user. He allowed the humans he ruled over to battle for their freedom, but none could ever beat him.
When Dan arrived in the future, Barone watched his battle with Duc. Seeing that Dan was a human Brave user, he became fascinated. Defying orders, he went off to challenge Dan. Although he won the battle, he was shocked when Dan defeated Strike-Siegwurm, the spirit he called "my friend."

Voice Actors
Namikawa, Daisuke
Vivio, Marco