Baroqueheat "Heat, Hi-tan" Anadis

Baroqueheat Anadis

Hatenkou Yuugi
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Hatenkou Yuugi
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Baroqueheat Anadis (バロックヒート・アナディス)

Age: 28

Baroqueheat is an army friend of Alzeid and Soresta. He has a butterfly tattoo, made by his deceased lover, on his right hand that turns into a sword when he needs to fight. To stir up Alzeid, he kisses Rahzel, and constantly harasses her. It seems that these actions are only to irritate Alzeid, but as the manga progresses, his feelings seem to be more like deep love, than anything else. Later, he joins the two in their travels. It is revealed later in the manga series that he is not human. He is the youngest of four children (three boys, one girl). He likes women, cigarettes, alcohol, sea food, and showers, and dislikes men.

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Voice Actors
Miki, Shinichiro