Konjiki no Gash Bell!!
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Konjiki no Gash!!
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Momon (モモン)

Momon is easily recognizable for his rabbit ears and monkey appearance. He is usally causing perverted mischief like flipping skirts and stealing panties.

Amuron: Enables Momon to stretch his arms like rubber. (Attack/Assist)
Aguraruku: Gives Momon the ability to dive into the ground as if it were water. (Assist)
Ora Norojio: Allows Momon to slow down the movement of whatever it hits, be it a spell or the opponent themselves. (Assist/Immobilization)
Minfei Mimirugu: Momon stretches and rotates his ears with this spell, allowing him to fly like a helicopter. (Assist)
Mimiruo Mifanon: Momon fires rings from his ears that divert other attacks. (Defense)
Fei Miuruku: Allows Momon to hop on air. (Assist)

Voice Actors
Takahashi, Naozumi

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