Akihiro Kurata

Akihiro Kurata

Digimon Savers
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Digimon Savers: Agumon! Gaomon! Lalamon! Bakuretsu! Jougai Last Battle!
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Akihiro Kurata (倉田 明宏)
Akihiro Kurata is the primary antagonist in Digimon Savers.

He is a scientist who participated in the first expedition of the Digital World, where he encountered a Lynxmon. Being terribly afraid, Kurata shot the Digimon which resulted in Saberleomon chased the humans away. Due to this incident, humans were known as enemies throughout the Digital World.
After his return to the real world, he constructed artificial Digimon known as Gizmon, which were capable to not only kill strong Digimon but also to destroy their Digitama.

In one of his following expeditions of the Digital World, Kurata found the Digitama of Belphemon. Consequently, he transferred the data of all the Digimon he killed to the Digitama, which resulted in its awakening.

Voice Actors
Kikuchi, Masami