Yang "Mountain King, Yo Tan Wa" Duanhe

Yang Duanhe

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Kingdom 3rd Season
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Yang Duanhe (楊端和)

As the mysterious king of the mountain tribe, Yuang Duanhe is the leader and spokesperson for the confederation of different tribes.

Duanhe seems to be relatively levelheaded. Despite the elders urging her to kill the Qin intruders, she listens to the opposing side's arguments and makes her own decision. Despite being a woman, she is very well respected by the other mountain people who obey her every order (even the big Tajifu doesn't dare to disobey). In Episode Eleven, it is obvious that Duanhe is also a very strong fighter. With her sword skills, she quickly and easily kills the soldiers who think they can take her down just because she is a woman.
All her stats are shown to be exceptionally high. Which is even superior to the great general Ouki Overall. She's without doubt the strongest Mountain 'Men' in the series up to the latest chapter.Thought it seems Baijo can surpassed her during his 'time' intense rage.

Strength 95
Leadership 99
Knowledge 95
Beauty 100

(Source: kingdom-anime wikia)

Voice Actors
Sonozaki, Mie
Lenti, Marissa