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Age: Unknown
Race: Modified Human
Affiliation: Union
Occupation: Member of Cerberus
First Appearance: Chapter 211

Ked was a modified human who worked for the Union as a member of Cerberus, the personal guard and strongest military force of the 12th Union Elder. Ked is a member of Cerberus, personal guard of the 12th Elder. He is first seen when the Elder sends Cerberus to South Korea to investigate Dr. Crombel after the DA-5 and Dr. Arith were defeated.

Ked is very arrogant and tends to look down on small agencies like the KSA. He is also tremendously violent and attacks others over even the slightest of arguments.

As an agent of Cereberus, Ked is very strong and skilled. He mostly uses his fists for fighting, like a boxer. He possesses very destructive capabilities; a single punch from him was powerful enough to shake an entire building, simulating the effects of an earthquake. He casually wrought havoc on the KSA building and its employees without even using up to half of his true powers. His physical process was incredible as well, as a few punches from him quickly put another Modified human out of their battle.

Source: Noblesse wik

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