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Shark (샤크 / シャーク)

Age: 29
Race: Modified Human
Affiliation: Union
Occupation: DA-5
First Appearance: Chapter 107

Shark [is] a Modified Human who worked for the Union as a member of the DA-5, a special forces team of the Union that was created by Dr. Aris and led by Krantz.

Shark is a member of DA-5. Created by Dr. Aris, he specializes in short distance, massive scale combat. He takes pleasure in killing. It is revealed later in the fight with DA-5 members against the protagonists that he killed all the people that Takeo made contact with in their prior missions and that his actions were sanctioned by Krantz. He is absorbed by Krantz and killed.

He is a brutal, cruel and heartless experiment. He loves to kill people for his own amusement and takes any opportunity to do so. He is extremely haughty in nature and is also easily provoked. His bloodthirsty nature has made him detestable to other members like Tao and Takeo.

Shark specializes in short distance combat. He uses sharp weapons like- small daggers and throwing knives to shred his enemies into pieces.

Source: Noblesse Wiki

Voice Actors
Fukuhara, Katsumi