Scarlet "Angel Salvia" Ohara

Scarlet Ohara

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Scarlet Ohara (スカーレット 小原)

Birthday: November 3

The fourth Love Angel to appear in the series, Salvia is a loner with a violent and unforgiving streak. She wishes to destroy devils rather than purify them like the other girls. A pure angel, she assumes the name of Ohara Scarlet while in the human world. Salvia still carries emotional wounds from the time she lost her best friend (Freesia) to a devil's attack. It takes sometime for the other Love Angels to wear down her difficult exterior, though she eventually joins forces with them. In the second DX episode, she enjoys a loving (if doomed) relationship with a businessman named Clark Oasis.

Scarlet's history varies in the original manga. She is a reincarnated angel like Yuri and Hinagiku, and is a returnee student (half Japanese) from America who gained her memories as a young girl. She moves to Japan in order to be closer to the other Love Angels. She holds a grudge against devils because they killed Celeste (also known as Momoko's mother Sakura), the angel she, Lily, and Daisy were sent to protect. Scarlet is the first to remember her past life as an angel, having received her memories at an early age. While she tries to befriend the other angels, she still feels the need to warn Momoko away from Yousuke. Eventually she comes to accept their love, moving forward with her own life. In the epilogue, she marries her childhood friend from America, Dean Butler.

Voice Actors
Imai, Yuka
Cericola, Dania
Wu, Jeong Sin
Lee, Gye Yun
Bae, Jeong Mi
Mikeska, T. Lynn