Lady Calia

Lady Calia


Witch Hunter
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Lady Calia
Birth Name Calia
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Supporter Dexter?
Status Retreating from Britain

Lady Calia (Lady Khalia) is a Witch under South's command. She has a servant named Dexter, who fought against Cougar Kunein.

Lady Calia is a short, blonde-haired witch. She dresses a bit like a princess

She first appears after having followed one of the guards in Britain. After handing him a rose and walking past, the rose explodes, and she takes off her disguise, summoning her minions. She watches as the Knights of the Round Table fight them, speaking with her Supporter, Dexter.

She decides that she was bored after seeing the Knight defeat all of her minions, and tells Dexter to give her her rapier. When her opponent sees this, he mocks her, but is surprised when she shows much strength and grace in her fighting. As she easily defeats him, she berates him on being less graceful than Lancelot Dulac. However, he states that he is not a traitor like Lancelot, and not to put them at the same level.

After defeating the Knight, she tells Dexter that she was bored, to which he replies, "Just one second, my lady," while he is strangling Cougar Kunein. After several seemingly futile attacks, Cougar crushes Dexter into a tiny ball. However, Lady Calia appears behind him, saying that he will be her new toy. At that moment, South arrives, telling her to "break" Cougar, and fires a bolt of energy at him.

When Merlin protects Cougar, Calia shows an interest in killing Cougar, but South commands her to leave, which she obeys to in fear.

She and Peony later appear in South's castle, discussing how they were to travel to recall all witches from the battlefield. When Calia asks why they were doing this, Peony replies that South has found a new pet to play with. Calia then notes that "When Lady South is bored, she might explode at any moment."

Powers and Abilities
Expert Swordsmanship
Calia has proved herself to be an expert swordsman, wielding a rapier with ease and pushing back the Knights of the Round Table.

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