Frederica "The Cleaner" Sawyer

Frederica Sawyer

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Frederica Sawyer (ソーヤー)

Frederica Sawyer is a cleaner in the town of Roanapur, Thailand, who specializes in body disposal, but occasionally delves into bounty hunter work. She uses a chainsaw as her disposal tool as well as weapon during bounty hunter work.

Since her throat had at one point been cut open, characterized by a massive scar, she uses an Ultravoice to communicate. Should she lose her Ultravoice, she will drop into a fetal position, most likely due to 'emotional issues'.

Her legitimate business front is a meat packing business named U.G. Pork.

Voice Actors
Henderson, Saffron
Yaguchi, Asami
Lambotte, Jessie
Cabrera, Silvia