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Beluga Heard

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Beluga Heard

Beluga J. Heard in the manga

Number XI of the Chronos Numbers, he is Cerberus Unit's long range attacker. He wields a bazooka named "Verethragna." He dies helping Jenos and Naizer escape from the Apostles of the Stars' collapsing hideout after a failed attempt on Creed's life due to Jenos's thoughtless intervention.

Beluga J. Heard in the anime

Belouga is identical to his manga counterpart, except in the Anime it isn't told if he dies or not in the escape, but is presumed so as he does not appear in the story after the attack on the castle. The last we see of him is an effort by himself and Naizer to attack Creed, the Camera shot pans to give us a a view of the ruined castle, and a large explosion can be seen. While fighting through the Castle, he engages Shiki in a battle. Shiki thinks he is simply wasting his attacks and firing wildly, but realises too late that his true target was the supporting walls of the castle, leading the building to collapse.

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Voice Actors
Ishii, Kouji
Bayer, Hans
Pissardini, Marcelo
Portuguese (BR)
Delhausse, Jean-Marc