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Kokoru (ココルー)

Kokoru (spelled "Cocoloo" in the subtitles of the ADV Films release) is a soft-spoken young woman who becomes Yucie's friend very early in the series. She is a fellow student at the Princess Academy
, who wears tiny spectacles at the end of her nose, with her chief characteristics being self-effacing and gentle.

Cocoloo is so gentle that she is often ignored and talked-over by the much louder Yucie and Glenda, which causes Kokoru to lament that she "has no presence after all"

However, Cocoloo is amazingly kind and encouraging towards her friends, which makes an impression on everyone who gets to know her. She, too, suffers from a curse that makes her look ten, even though she is seventeen.

Voice Actors
Fukui, Yukari
Bustamante, Monika
Pitotti, Barbara

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