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Gender: Male
Age: 20-22
Nickname: Masked Man, Serio
Alice: Mark of Death
Alice Stone Color: Black
Born: April 13

Persona is a mysterious teacher who wears a mask at all times. He is the moderator for the Dangerous Ability Class. He seems to be the source of much of Natsume's troubles. His Alice is the Mark of Death.

So far, in the series, he was seen without his mask three times. The first time was when Natsume spotted him (although he had sunglasses on) in Central Town in chapter 46. The second time he disguised himself as a substitute teacher named Serio in one of Natsume's exams to see who was the cause of Natsume's change (but he was found out easily by Natsume). The third time was when Mikan knocked off Persona's mask while trying to stop him from hurting Natsume in the Hana Princess arc.

He also once held Natsume's sister captive in order to make Natsume behave. Persona also calls Natsume his "Best Student." He also has a Mark of Obedience on his cheek in the shape of a red cross.

In later chapters of the manga, Mikan became one of his victims with the use of his Alice. Mikan had a serious illness from the day that Persona used his Alice on her. Later on, it was revealed that Hotaru's older brother; Subaru Imai had also been a victim and is the only one to have survived Persona's Alice. Therefore, the school administration appoints him to cure Mikan's illness.

It is also revealed that Persona gave Aoi, Natsume's sister, a strange stone which can make an Alice go berserk. Because of the stone, Aoi's Alice went wild and burned the whole town. After Aoi lost her memories, Persona told her that he would be her older brother.

When Mikan is in the hospital, Sakurano, noticed something in Mikan's hand; it was a strange black colored stone. Slowly, all of Mikan's wounds disappeared and the colour of the stone also changed. Sakurano believes that it is actually Persona's Alice; Mikan had another ability to draw out a person's Alice and into the stone.

It seems that his real name is Serio as revealed by Narumi-sensei. He knows Mikan's father, and he might have been the one who gave him his first Alice controlling device (The earrings that Mikan destroyed). He is a very sad and lonely person, and he is very fond of Nobara Ibaragi who refers to her as a "his doll".

He also wears many ability control devices such as bracelets, earrings, rings etc.

Voice Actors
Miki, Shinichiro
Seong, Wan Gyeong
Scipioni, Carlo