Nonoko Ogasawara

Nonoko Ogasawara

Gakuen Alice
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Gakuen Alice
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Nonoko Ogasawara (小笠原 野乃子,)

Gender: Female
Age: 10
Born: September 26
Horoscope: Libra
Blood Type: A
Alice: Chemistry
Alice Stone Color: Pink
Nonoko is one of Mikan's companions and she is one academic year younger than her. She has the Alice of Chemistry and likes to experiment with dangerous chemicals. She is a member of the "3 geeky sisters." She is an elegant girl from a rich family (Explained in her profile in the manga).[7] She is close friends with Anna and has a crush on Misaki-sensei. There was a time in the radio drama entitled Chocoholic where her Alice got switched with Anna.

In the Radio Drama, Love Potion, Nonoko made a Love Potion which can make a pair of lovers to love their partners even more. Sumire tricked Mikan to drink the potion and ended up falling for Tsubasa. Natsume and Ruka also got affected by the potion, which resulted with Ruka falling for Natsume and Natsume falling for Mikan.

She belongs to the Technical Class. She is a Single Star student.

Voice Actors
Nonaka, Ai
Jeong, Hye Ok
Saltarelli, Joy