Kunitoshi "Master" Joukyuu

Kunitoshi Joukyuu


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Kunitoshi Joukyuu

Kunitoshi was so strong in his martial arts that his father drugged him and removed his strength. He has since been approached by both Miu and Kizuki as a means of strengthening either side of their civil war.

Shockingly wise and knowledgeable in his philosophy of strength and personal development despite being a bit of a lazy dork and a NEET (Before being handed a job as a professor in martial arts at a prestigious sports university). He is a shameless, lecherous perv, even having no issues targeting his lust towards his cousin Miu. (Although she willingly participates.) As well as an incessantly malicious troll, Kunitoshi is selfishly narcissistic to the core. Only motivated by his own entertainment, which he achieves by messing with everyone around him for his personal enjoyment, before putting them in their place with his overwhelming martial talent.

Occasionally he bothers to play his role as a teacher, but mostly he is just looking for his next source of amusement.

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