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Asch (アッシュ)

Age: 17
Weight: 69kg
Height: 171cm

Asch the Bloody is a God General of the Order of Lorelei. He can be arrogant and rebellious, and almost always seems angry. He has a tremendous amount of pride and cares deeply for his country and the people around him. He is also an extremely talented cook. Despite his smart and calculating exterior, Asch has moments of incredible goofiness. At one point he masquerades as Luke and is asked (by someone who had met Luke a few days previously) how his hair had changed from short to long in such a short time. Asch's improvised excuse was, "My hair grows fast."

Most of what Asch does is the "behind the scenes" work - though works towards the same goal as Luke and friends. However, most of the time, he outright refuses to work with them. At the end of the game, he even fought Luke over who would fight Van.

(Source: Aselia - The Tales Wiki)

Voice Actors
Suzuki, Chihiro
Tamura, Mutsumi

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