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Tarou Namatame (生田目 太郎)

Being a city council secretary, Namatame was married to renowned enka singer Misuzu Hiiragi. However, her popularity had put a strain in their relationship. Seeking solace, he met with TV announcer Mayumi Yamano while the announcer was doing interviews with candidates for the next election.

Namatame found out that they both had come from the town of Inaba. Both understood their passion on work, and eventually began an intimate relationship. However, the affair was exposed and a scandal erupted, which led to the end of his career and his marriage. Both he and his wife Hiiragi affirmed that the enka singer chose to nullify their marriage. Namatame then fled to his hometown.

Before people found out about his affair, Namatame was thought of as an outgoing man with a fun personality (though this side of him is never seen in the game). When the protagonist interacts with him, he is timid. He speaks few words, and always seems scared.

Voice Actors
Haramaki, Kouji