Kojirou Saeki

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Tennis no Ouji-sama
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Kojirou Saeki (佐伯 虎次郎)

Rokkaku Chuu 3rd Year
Birthday: 1st October (Libra)
Height: 174cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: O
Dominant Hand: Left
Play Style: Serve and Volley
Racket: Racket made by Oji
Special Move: Prey, Observing motion/ Motion tracking
Favourite Food: Mashed beancurd, Roast sea urchin (midraw)
Hobby: Sea Activities
Committee: Vice-President of Student Council
Worst Subject: Math
Most Visited Spot in School: Banking fence by the sea
Primary School: Third primary of Rokkaku
Uses Money On: Western clothes
Motto: One chance, one shoot, one kill!
Favourite Movie: Titanic
Favourite Book: The King Lear by William Shakespeare
Favourite Song: Chanson (French songs)
Date Spot: Resort
He wants the most: To raise a dog
Daily Routine: Walking along the beach
Dislikes: Narrow places
Other talents: Doing artistics castles of sand
Family: Father, Mother, Older Sister
Father's occupation: Engineer
Favourite Subject: Social Studies, Japanese
Favourite Colour: White, Beige
Preferred type: A girl who can control/restrict me (Because she can't put me aside)

Saeki looks really laid-back and gentle, but looks can be deceiving, for he really is a very dangerous player. His talent for tennis is natural, and is accompanied by his above-average sight, which makes him even more difficult to beat. Saeki is also Rokkaku's Vice-Captain, and like Aoi, seemed to be randomly selected by their coach. He also seems to know Fuji Shusuke and is good friends with him.

Voice Actors
Kumode, Robson
Oda, Yuusei