Kojirou Saeki

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Tennis no Oujisama
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Kojirou Saeki (佐伯 虎次郎)

Rokkaku Chuu 3rd Year
Birthday: 1st October (Libra)
Height: 174cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: O
Dominant Hand: Left
Play Style: Serve and Volley
Racket: Racket made by Oji
Special Move: Prey, Observing motion/ Motion tracking
Favourite Food: Mashed beancurd, Roast sea urchin (midraw)
Hobby: Sea Activities
Committee: Vice-President of Student Council
Worst Subject: Math
Most Visited Spot in School: Banking fence by the sea
Primary School: Third primary of Rokkaku
Uses Money On: Western clothes
Motto: One chance, one shoot, one kill!
Favourite Movie: Titanic
Favourite Book: The King Lear by William Shakespeare
Favourite Song: Chanson (French songs)
Date Spot: Resort
He wants the most: To raise a dog
Daily Routine: Walking along the beach
Dislikes: Narrow places
Other talents: Doing artistics castles of sand
Family: Father, Mother, Older Sister
Father's occupation: Engineer
Favourite Subject: Social Studies, Japanese
Favourite Colour: White, Beige
Preferred type: A girl who can control/restrict me (Because she can't put me aside)

Saeki looks really laid-back and gentle, but looks can be deceiving, for he really is a very dangerous player. His talent for tennis is natural, and is accompanied by his above-average sight, which makes him even more difficult to beat. Saeki is also Rokkaku's Vice-Captain, and like Aoi, seemed to be randomly selected by their coach. He also seems to know Fuji Shusuke and is good friends with him.

Voice Actors
Oda, Yuusei
Kumode, Robson
Portuguese (BR)