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Taichi Dan (壇 太一)

Yamabuki Chuu 1st Year (Class 1, student 13)
Primary school: Yamabuki Primary School
Birthday: 2nd January (Capricorn)
Height: 147cm
Weight: 40kg
Dominant Hand: Left
Play Style: Still searching
Shoe size 24 cm
Eyesight: Right, left 1.5
Blood Type: AB
Committee: None
Worst/least favourite subjects: Maths, Chemistry
Best place to find him at school: The Arts room
Uses his allowance for notebooks and pens
Motto: One look is better than hearing a hundred times
Favourite movie: 南極物語 "Antarctic Tale" (animal movie)
Preferred reading: Information magazines of any kind
Preferred music: Idol music
Place to go on a date: Zoo
One thing wants right now: The kind of shoes Akutsu wears
Daily routine: Taking a bath with his dog
Least favourite thing: Vaulting horse
Special skills aside from Tennis: Oil painting, rough sketches
Favourite Food: Butter Oysters
Hobby : Taking his beloved dog out for a walk, Collecting data
Family: Father, Mother, Younger Sister, Dog
Father's occupation: Office Worker (Publishing Company)
Favourite Subject: Japanese, Home Economics, Art
Favourite Colour: Sky Blue
Preferred type: Agressive people

Dan's contribution to the team is very significant, since he first worked as Yamabuki's manager. After learning from Seigaku's Echizen that height isn't important in tennis, he decided to learn more about his play style and started working as a member of the team. He is well-known for being a nice kid and always says "-dadadadan!" when he gets excited.

(Source: Prince of Tennis fanbook - Livejournal)

Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Yumiko
Borges, Silas
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Castro, Júlia
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Monteiro, Luciano
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