Blue Dragon: RalΩGrado
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Ral (ラル)

Ral is the main character, a 15 year old boy who shares a symbiotic relationship with a shadow beast named Grad. His mother died shortly after his birth. Upon his discovery, still an infant child, he began screaming at his saviors in very well constructed phrases. From there a large shadow demon in the shape of a blue dragon emerged from his body. The shadow destroyed his village and burned all the mountains in sight. Lord Roy his father sealed Ral in a prison of complete darkness for 15 years. During this time he became friends with the shadow named Grad and his educator, Mio. His imprisonment was ended abruptly when the kingdom was attacked by a large number of shadow demons. Lord Roy gave the order to free Ral after Mio stated he had control over his shadow. It takes Ral about three seconds to summon Grad. Ral, like Grad, can breathe fire, form wings and claws that look identical to Grad's and use his dragon mane as a weapon. Ral is a great strategist.

Ral loves women and will do anything for them. His main goal is to protect all the beautiful women of the world. Ral also has a fondness for breasts, constantly trying to fondle them. Upon meeting Kafka he introduces himself as "Ral the Breast Groper." This sudden announcement of his favorite habit gets him labelled as immoral, though he truly isn't. Despite his immoral habit he has a pure heart where he sees the reason men fight shadows "to protect their beloved women," and loves the vibrant beauty of the world.

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