Makoto Oogami

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Shinreigari: Another Side
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Makoto Oogami (大神 信)

A fairly silent, though hot-tempered boy who avoids contact with his classmates, and rarely comes to school. A relative of Tarō's, his family being a branch of the Komori's, he has O.B.Es like Tarō and Masayuki, and is able to produce them while playing his guitar, a regular pastime of his. Makoto's family founded a religion of which his elderly grandmother, Himeko, currently serves as the central point, and who wishes that Makoto succeed her as its head, though Makoto is not interested in it. In the direct aftermath of the kidnapping of the Komori children, his grandmother told the police where to find them; his father committed a bizarre suicide shortly after they were found, with the circumstances of his death being unknown. Makoto subsequently discovered his father's bloodied corpse, which resulted in a traumatic encounter for him; due to this, he wishes to find out more about the circumstances of his father's death and had initially harbored resentment towards Tarō, however he appears to have warmed up to him, upon gradually knowing him better and gathering more information about the circumstances relating to the kidnapping incident.

Voice Actors
Hoshi, Souichirou
Grelle, Jessie James
Jeon, Tae Yeol
Raj, Wallace
Portuguese (BR)
Ruiz, Víctor
Tavares, François