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Endrance (エンデュランス)

Gender: Male
Class: Blade Brandier
Real Name: Kaoru Ichinose
Age: 20
Avatar: The Temptress, Macha

A player with so much skill and power that he's considered superior even by the greatest players in The World. He is the Emperor of the Demon Palace in Lumina Cloth and has numerous fans. However, he's extremely cold and only ever shows emotion towards the cat he has on his shoulder. In real life he is a 20-year-old hikikomori and the former .hacker Elk.
Endrance is obsessed with beauty. He sees the other players as nothing more than "ugly dolls" and treats them coldly. Though he is online almost constantly he never meets with other players, instead traveling through fields by himself. The only times he makes public appearances is when he's called into the Arena to defend his title. He is fiercely devoted to the small cat on his shoulder, which he has named "Mia". When fighting he constantly refers to somebody he calls "She" though it's unknown if this is a reference to Mia, Macha, or some other entity altogether.
Shortly after he joins Haseo, Endrance becomes much friendlier, especially to Haseo.

Voice Actors
Saiga, Mitsuki