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Gunnm: Last Order
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Sechs (ゼクス )

The sixth in a series of twelve fully cybernetic copies of the cyborg protagonist Alita (Gally, in Japanese), created by the Ground Investigation Bureau of Tiphares/Salem. After the shutdown of the GIB, the now aimless AR-6 became Sechs (German for six). Finding meaning in life through fighting, Sechs began hunting down slaying the other Tuned replicas, with the ultimate goal of defeating Alita in single combat to prove superior strength despite being a copy, and earn the right to exist as - in Sech's own words - 'a real warrior.'

On the surface, Sechs developed a custom fighting style, called Sechster Angriff, which utilizes the (also unique) Titan Blade. Sechs also replaced an arm lost to AR-11 and AR-12 (also known as Elf and Zwolf) with a .22 caliber Superconducting Phase Transition Gun (also called a Solenoid Quench Gun).

Sechs alone successfully killed AR-1, AR-3, AR-4, AR-5, AR-7, AR-8, and AR-9. After finally reaching Alita in Tiphares, Sechs is defeated, and heavily damaged. Elf and Zwolf help find a new body on short notice, an Interactive Interface doll, and put Sech's brain chip in it.

After reaching space, and entering the Zenith of all Things Tournament, Sech's transistions to a new body he is more comfortable with than the Interactive interface or his original Tuned replica body. Called a Fizzoroy body, it was made by the cyborg mechanic Yani, and is made of polyethylene materials, it is highly configured for combat.

(Source: Gunnm: Last Order)

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