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Keroro Gunsou
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Tororo (トロロ)

Tororo is the hacker of the Garuru Platoon who thinks he's better than everyone else. He is a red Keronian tadpole that bears a striking resemblance to baby Kururu and his symbol is a circle with three bumps. He hacked into the Keroro Platoon's systems during the Garuru Platoon's invasion. Kururu faced him, but was (for the first time in his unsettling existence) stumped; Tororo was one problem Kururu could not fix. Keroro gave his soldiers a pep talk, Dororo threw an energy shuriken into Garuru Platoon's base, freeing Paul, Momoka, Koyuki, and Mutsumi and Kururu hacked Tororo's base, making all his mechas, which were originally sent to attack Keroro Platoon's base, attack Tororo's base. With his glasses and ship destroyed, a computer falls on Tororo's face and he is knocked out, while Kururu announces that he has 'Gotten rid of the annoying thing'. During the encounter with the Keroro Platoon Double, he mistakens Kururu Double for the real Kururu and, driven by anger and the thirst of revenge, Tororo wipes out Kururu Double, along with the rest of the Keroro Platoon Double and almost the Garuru Platoon. Source - Wikipedia

Voice Actors
Yamaguchi, Kappei
Garbolino, Davide
McKinney, David Lee