Asguiaro "Azgiaro Ivan" Ebern

Asguiaro Ebern


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Asguiaro Ebern (アズギアロ・イーバーン)
Race: Arrancar
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Vandenreich
Occupation: Member of Vandenreich
Team: Vandenreich
Base of Operations: Vandenreich Base

Asguiaro Ebern (アズギアロ・イーバーン, Azugiaro Ībān) is an Arrancar in the service of the Vandenreich.

Ebern is a male Arrancar of both tall and slender build. He has short, light-colored hair that is swept back, creating peaks at either side of his head. His mask fragment is present on the left of his forehead; it is a long white mask with multiple holes in it. His right eyebrow unusually points upwards. Ebern's attire consists of a long, white, double-breasted trench coat that features shoulder straps and is tied using a black belt at its waist, which is adorned with a decorative buckle. This is worn over white trousers and trench boots.

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc

Appearing suddenly in Ichigo Kurosaki's bedroom, just as Ichigo inquires about Ryūnosuke Yuki's name, Ebern responds instead and declares his own full name, before asking if there were any other questions. Firmly told by Ichigo to get off of his bed, Ebern refuses to comply despite Ichigo repeating himself and so, is kicked out of the window. As Ebern holds his head outside and wonders why he was struck, Ichigo demands to know what business he has with him, but Ebern appears confused. Drawn away from Ichigo's house, Ebern denies being an Arrancar upon being questioned and attempts to show himself as a Quincy. Forming a large weapon, he asks Ichigo if his powers seemed familiar.

Taunting Ichigo as he attacks, Ebern becomes elated when Ichigo finally activates his Bankai, noting to himself that it will be the end of the Substitute Shinigami's Bankai. After preparing a special technique and reciting an incantation, he manages to damage Ichigo's arm, but Ichigo quickly breaks free from the attack and fires a Getsuga Tenshō towards a stunned Ebern. As the smoke clears, a heavily wounded Ebern furiously wonders why Ichigo's Bankai did not vanish but is surprised by Ichigo from behind, pointing his blade at side of his face. Ichigo states that he is taking Ebern back for questioning but Ebern escapes by using a shadow and informs Ichigo that it only hides the "chosen ones".

(Source: Bleach Wikia)

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