Ou Dorobou Jing
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Ou Dorobou Jing
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Stir (ステア)

Stir is the Daughter of the Countess of Dubonnet, nominal ruler of Zaza city.

She usually has a cold and impertinent demeanor, but deep inside she feels the loneliness for her mother, Dubonnet, and desperately tries to take the place of her late brother. She is also an age-appropriate girl on the inside, as she goes on a rampage when she gets upset, and her face turns bright red when she is kissed by Jing. At first, she was almost indifferent to the masked martial arts and the "Mascorrida Tournament", but after seeing Jing's match, she gradually changed her attitude. After reconciling with her mother, she continues to wait for Jing at the "Masquerade Ball".

Stir, which is the origin of her name, is a cocktail term that means "to mix and stir".

Voice Actors
Iizuka, Mayumi
Lee, Ji Yeong
Basecqz, Julie
Dilts, Kimberly