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Atsushi Kamiya (神谷 篤司)

* Number: 7
* Position: Mid-fielder
* Class: Junior
* Birthday: October 11, 1974
* Height: 175 cm
* Weight: 63 kg
* Elated Skills: Through Pass

The Vice-Captain of the soccer team. He's always a bit rude, especially when someone bathmouths Kubo, but he is still a good-hearted person. He used to play selfishly back in middle school and his team didn't accept him, but as Kubo joined them, they became a strong formation together. After Kubo died he became Captain an decided that Toshi'll become the new no. 10. Kamiya seems conceited some times but he is nothing like this.

As captain he has the air of a leader. He thinks fast, creating strategies which can help the team and he is the one to motivate and help his teammates. He cares deeply for the team and has a great sense of responsibility. When Mahori appeared, the club separated into two factions: those who agreed with Mahori that the team had to change its style, like Kazuhiro, Nitta and Akahori, and those who insisted on following Kubo's play, like Tanaka, Kenji, Yuutaka and Shigeki (who was the leader of this team).

Kamiya arranged a practice match between the two teams with him as a referee. Through this match the second team found their past motive and way of playing. They tied the match in the last minute making an all-out attack; even Kenji let the post in order to score. After that everyone understood their mistake and decided to fight together till the end. Kamiya himself entered the match, seeing his teammates playing with their old style, unable to resist, taking everyone by surprise. Kamiya proved that he was thinking one step ahead of his teammates, especially after he took the place of the captain.

Kamiya makes an excellent playmaker. With his sharp pass, he can easily confuse the opponent. As his skills were improving, he became one of the best play makers of the nation. Moreover, later his abilities were recognized and he was considered as good as Kubo, especially in the leading of his team.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Morikawa, Toshiyuki
Kaps, Joachim
Umehara, Yuuichirou
Rudd, Matthew David