Charden Flamberg

Charden Flamberg

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Charden Flamberg (シャルデン=フランベルク)

Charden Flamberg in the Manga

Charden is recognizable by his sunglasses and silk top hat (though he is very attractive, almost effeminate, when not wearing them). He wields the power to control blood, including blood drawn from his enemies. Early in the manga, he fights Belze together with Kyoko, although the battle has no outcome due to the intervention of Shiki to bring both members back to the Apostles' helicopter. Later, he sees that Durham is killed after he is taken down by Train. He leaves the Apostles of the Stars, together with Kyoko, over an ideological split with Creed, as he considers Creed's bloodlust is blinding his original sense of justice that formed the Apostles of the Stars, but continues to battle Chronos. He meets Train and Sven later in the plot. In the last chapter of the series Charden is seen coughing up blood, implying that he is dying. Charden's Tao Power is called "Blood".

Charden Flamberge in the Anime

Same as in the manga, except the battle against Belze does not take place, and his leaving of the Apostles takes place at a different time. He makes a reappearance near the end of the anime, though his trademark sunglasses and silk top hat are no longer worn as well as him keeping his hair tied back. He decides to aid Train and the group in the cause of stopping Eden, by fighting the Zero numbers at the end, while Train and Sven head for the upper levels to save Eve also when he tries to talk to Sephiria there is a flash back of them fighting but there battle it self is not shown.

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