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Zeheart Galette (ゼハート・ガレット)

Age: 17 (140 A.G.)
Allegiance: Veigan

Units: xvv-xcr Zedas R

Zeheart Galette is a very quiet and reserved character. He works to not stand out and so far has been nothing but polite, however that may be part of his cover.

Zeheart Galette is first seen awakening from a Veigan cold sleep pod alongside another man. Zeheart was brought to the Earth Sphere as the second part of Operation Eden. An enigmatic silver-haired youth who enrolls at Asemu Asuno's school the same day the Veigan attack the colony Tordia. It appears that his mission involves locating and gathering information concerning the Gundam. During Asemu's first sortie against Veigan mobile suits Zeheart observes the battle from a tree in the distance.

Zeheart's skills indicate that he is skilled at espionage, having been sent by the Veigan to infiltrate the colony where the Gundam was suspected to be under the guise of a student. He is trained in hand to hand combat as he was able to avoid a bully's clumsy attacks with ease. And he appears to be an X-Rounder, sensing that Asemu was inexperienced when it came to mobile suit combat.

(Source: Gundam Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Magarey, Richard