Hyouga "Nior Helsio" Yukimura

Hyouga Yukimura

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Hyouga Yukimura (雪村 豹牙)
Yukimura was trained by Fubuki Shirou when he became the coach of Hakuren Junior High’s soccer team. The two grew intimately close as Fubuki personally took Yukimura under his wing in order to further develop his skills. Under the instruction of Fubuki, Yukimura was able to master Eternal Blizzard and later created his own hissatsu Panther Blizzard . When Fubuki was dismissed from his position by Fifth Sector, Yukimura was convinced that he had been betrayed. He became a SEED for Fifth Sector under the negative influence of Shirosaki Katsuya and the replacement coach.

After the match against Raimon he becomes like he was before again. He is a forward and the ace striker for Hakuren. His avatar is Gousetsu no Saia.

Voice Actors
Terashima, Junta