Theresa "Sister Hell"


Prism Ark
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Theresa (テレサ)

Weapon: Expiatio (Crossing Sword)

She is one of the main antagonist in the series, a mercernary hired by the Sablum emperor. Her real name is Theresa. When she is not fighting, she supports a group of orphan children she saved in the past. However, she extremely detests the cross of the Viellan church. She is extremely powerful and is able to fight evenly or better than Karin. She seems to be the main heroine in the Prism Ark fandisk "Theresa to Heart." She was originally a devout follower of the Viellan faith and managed an orphanage, but betrayed her faith when members of the Tempelritter slaughtered the orphans while chasing escapees from a Viellan research facility.

Voice Actors
Asakawa, Yuu

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