Sunao "Ran" Fujimori

Sunao Fujimori

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shou ga Nai!!
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Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shou ga Nai!!: Onsen ni Ikou!
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Suki na Mono wa Suki dakara Shouganai!!
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Sunao Fujimori (藤守 直)

Sunao is Sora's childhood friend and current roommate. Easily angered, he isn't above punching anyone who makes him lose his temper, especially Sora. His name "Sunao" means 'straight-forward', which fits him to a tee. At first, he claims he hates Sora, but he becomes closer to Sora with each game/episode. Just as Sora calls Sunao by his last name, Sunao refers to Sora as "Hashiba" and in some episodes with the nickname "Kuu-chan." He has an alternate personality named Ran. They look very similar in the anime though a defining feature of Ran is his red eyes.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Hoshi, Souichirou