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Nation's name: Republik Kugelmugel (Republic of Kugelmugel)
Capital: Kugelmugel
Language: German
Birthday: Unknown
National flower: N/A

A character added to the cast of Hetalia in 2011. Kugelmugel is a micronation located in Austria. Despite his feminine appearance, he is male and was not specified as being a crossdresser (it seems as though Liechtenstein believes that he is a girl, for she called him “cute” and was confused as to why the other nations were referring to him as a “he”).

Austria called him “eccentric,” and Sealand, Wy, and Seborga attempted to ask him to join their micronations club, but were scared off by his eccentric-ness. Somehow in the end, he ended up joining their club, even though he was never officially asked.

He considers declaring his independence as an art.

Voice Actors
Ichiki, Mitsuhiro
Chapin, Clifford