Tomonori "Eronori" Iwaki

Tomonori Iwaki

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Tomonori Iwaki (岩城 友紀)

Iwaki is a normal 15 year old boy in his third grade of junior high-school with a thing for older women. The reason is when he is a child, he tried to save Rizel when she was about to be hit by a truck and when he wakes up Rizel is hugging him. He has a long standing crush on his homeroom teacher, Natsumi Ihata. He was forcibly married to Rizel by the government. When Rizel starts appearing at school and claiming to be his wife, his friends are jealous of such a girl being ensnared by Iwaki already and start calling him a pervert. Despite his rather brash nature, he has a tendency towards chivalrous acts.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yamaguchi, Kappei