Skin Boric

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Skin Boric (スキンボリック)

One of the descendant Noah and a follower of the Millennium Earl

Another descendant of Noah who's assigned to kill Froi Tiedoll (the General being escorted by Kanda and Marie) who has also come to Japan. Skin was first shown in the early manga where he showed disgust at the Earl's dinner, saying he preferred sweets over a hard-boiled egg. He got so angry over dinner that he destroyed the Akuma who prepared the meal with his bare hands and then began to grow large spikes from his arm and back where his skin had peeled off. Because of this, Tyki always calls him "Sweet Tooth" instead of his real name.

In a flashback, it is discovered that he worked in New Orleans at the docks three years before the story of the manga. During this time, he exhibited the Noah's genes which allowed him to recall the 7000 years old memories of Noah causing him great pain and nightmares. It is then that he declares that he will never "forgive it (the Innocence)". The rage of Noah was transferred into his body and he saw the state of the world from perspective of the Millennium Earl. In addition to recovering these memories, he meets Road and the Earl, who gives him his first taste of candy to stop him from biting his fingers in pain.

He represents the "hatred" of Noah and since he comes from New Orleans, it is assumed he is American.

Voice Actors
Strait, Sonny
Miyake, Kenta
D'Elia, Laurent