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Kakeru Manabe (真鍋 翔)

Making his first appearance in Chapter 49 of the manga (Volume 9), Manabe appears at first as a rather lazy, yet outgoing and joyful young man, and has not changed since. Acting as Vice President of Kaibara High School's student council, Kakeru is "second-in-command of the School's Defense Force" and more than passionately works to be one of what he thinks is a Super Sentai type of job, often stating that he's "Black" (as in the black Goranger) while Yuki is "Red" (the leader). Manabe can also be described as a younger version of Ayame Souma (whom Manabe, upon meeting, immediately hugged and said no other person would be fit to be the Defence Force's commander), Yuki's older brother, and often is seen having striking similarities in personality. Yuki also compares him to Kyou with his ability to make friends.

Though he might appear constantly happy and joyous on the outside, Manabe actually at times looks down on himself, and can often get serious if he sees the need to.

Manabe is always fascinated by the Souma family's beauty, as he is occasionally seen asking different Souma family members their secret to their handsomeness.

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