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Mohji (モージ)

Mohji is the first mate of Buggy's Crew. Quite pompous and at times silly, Mohji has the ability to control any animal he wishes, or so he says. He has yet to prove it in the series outside of his pet, a lion named Richie, who is more like another crew member than just a pet. Mohji usually opts to use him in battle rather than fight himself. He is, however, fast and agile, and very skilled with a whip. He is also responsible for burning things, such as the pet-food shop and the Going Merry.

In his first appearance, Mohji was sent by Buggy to capture Roronoa Zoro. However, Monkey D. Luffy got in his way, who eventually defeated Mohji after he burned down a pet-food shop that belonged to a recently deceased man and his still-living dog.

After Buggy's defeat Mohji and Cabaji fought over leadership of the group. They were equally matched, and fought for several hours. The battle ended when a sleep-walking Richie knocked them both unconscious, taking over leadership himself. However, Richie and the pirates were kidnapped by a cannibalistic group, but saved by Buggy, Alvida, Mohji, and Cabaji.

Mohji later participated in the attack on Loguetown. It was his job to burn down the Straw-Hat's boat, which he failed to do as soon as it started to rain. Nami and Usopp found him and Richie, but as soon as Mohji sent Richie to attack, Usopp used an egg to distract the lion. The Marines showed up, and started shooting at everyone. Mohji was able to dodge the bullets and flee the scene with the rest of Buggy's group.

Much later, Mohji reappeared with the group as they travel in the Grand Line and find a mysterious man named Portgas D. Ace. He was also in the TV Special that featured the One Piece characters as ninjas, and appeared in several video games. Every time Mohji appears in the series for an arc, his hairstyle changes. During the Buggy arc, his hair was shaped like a teddy bear; the Loguetown arc had him wearing a pink helmet with bunny ears sticking out; and when the group makes it into the Grand Line, his hair is shaped like a lion's mane.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Huber, Chuck
Soya, Shigenori
Ballesteros, Leopoldo
Brockmeyer, Claus
Meldrum, Jamie
Caodaglio, Marcelo
Moreno, Sérgio