Adrian "Cybersix" Seidelman

Adrian Seidelman

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Adrian Seidelman (サイバーシックス)

Cybersix is a part of the Cyber Series created by Dr. Von Reichter. There were five thousand Cybers in all, however, when they started to rebel against him, he killed them all except one. Cybersix was the only one to escape this massacre.

Cybersix escaped to the city of Meridiana.. By day she disguises herself as Adrian Seidelman, a literature teacher at Meridiana High School. By night she leaps on the rooftops of the city in her black vinyl body suit, cape, hat, and gloves, stopping the monsters Von Reichter sends to destroy her.

Like all of Dr. Von Reichter's creations, Cybersix needs sustenance. It is an acidic green glowing solution that Cybersix requires to live.

Voice Actors
Weseluck, Cathy
Nakajima, Tomoko
Vallée, Dominique