Rob Onwa

Rob Onwa

Bouken! Iczer 3
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Rob Onwa (ロブ・温和)
Rob is the twenty-five year-old chief engineer of the Queen Fuji. Unlike the rest of the crew, Rob is well-built, having logged many hours of sometimes-backbreaking labor. In addition, as one would expect, he also possesses above-average physical strength. In contrast to his physical appearance, Rob is a very gentle soul at heart.

He has a lot of pride in the Queen Fuji as a warship, as well as in his status as a ranking officer in her crew. He becomes quite impressed with Iczer-3's strength in battle, even going so far as to gain a very rudimentary understanding of the alien technology involved in her creation. As the series progresses, he slowly develops a romantic relationship with the captain of the Queen Fuji, Candy Barts.

Voice Actors
Ebara, Masashi