Will o' Wisp
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Will (ウィル)
Hair color: crimson
Eye color: ice blue
Mythological reference: Will o' Wisp

Will is the protagonist of the story alongside with Hannah. He was the first of the elemental dolls Hannah met (actually, she found him lying in coffin in her grandfather's house). From the moment she wound him up she became his master whose every wish he is obliged to fulfill. Nevertheless, she does not regard him as servant, possibly due to his strong personality.

Despite being sometimes harsh and straightforward (that makes Hannah's maid Emily think of him as a "dangerous doll") he apparently cares for Hannah and tries to protect her by all means (though, it is still unknown what are his hidden motives for that). His past is quite obscure as he has been sleeping for much more than a century and no one of his previous owners is supposed to be alive. Ignis addresses him as "sinner" who deserves "a sinful owner" (Hannah), but Will seems to be well respected by the other elemental dolls.

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