Kyle "Bilal Kalil" Bjorn

Kyle Bjorn

Inazuma Eleven
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Kyle Bjorn (ビヨン カイル)
Bjorn Kyle is the captain of Desert Lion. He is a defender. His team is from Qatar. He and his team lost against Inazuma Japan in their second match. He has teal hair that is a bit wavy covering his left eye, and has green eyes, with dark shadows under his eyes. His outfit has the design of the Qatar flag.He is shown to be caring for his team as he is determined to win against Inazuma Japan.

During the first half they haven't scored that much points against Inazuma Japan but during the second half they have the upper hand do to their high level of stamina under the heat of the sun which turned to their advantage, but they still lost to Inazuma Japan.

Voice Actors
Katougi, Satoshi