Cartia Goltschmidt

Cartia Goltschmidt

Rio: Rainbow Gate!
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Cartia Goltschmidt (カルティア)

An ambitious casino dealer from Germany who seeks to take the Howard Resort in a Gate Battle, and uses her subordinates to carry out her plan. She is described as a cunning and manipulative woman who will use any means to ensure victory, and is often notoriously described by other characters as "an old hag wearing heavy makeup". It has been hinted from Jack that Cartia wants to collect all of the Gates including those in Rio's possession, stating that she will "see a rainbow" once she fulfills her goal. Cartia is later revealed to be Rina's aunt, and has aided the latter in her plot for revenge against Rio.

Voice Actors
Ohara, Sayaka
Lenti, Marissa